About us

sewn bag s.r.o.

We were established in 2019, just before Covid.

The number of employees and supporters changes over time. People come and go. Some work shorter with us, others longer and then continue on their own.

We help people in social need not only by employment. It is primarily accompanied by state authorities, insurance companies, we solve their family, personal and financial problems. It is often enough to bring a person into the right organization, to support him, to be with him. Other times, you need to look for complex legal terms and consult on the next steps.

Life is life. We have already helped some people, we cannot help some, but we always try. Our products are the only source of income. We sew, weave, invent, build, create ..

When you are in Košice, visit us in our workshop at Tajovského 1. We like visits.


An interesting story for each product

Every product we make has a history. And since no one will use it for its original purpose, we will make a new product out of it, with a new purpose and a new future.


How we proceed in production

01. Product drawing

02. Production of a master

03. Sample production

04. Production


What our clients say about us

We try to make you happy with us. Every positive review will always please us!

The sewn bags completely exceeded our expectations. Too bad we didn't know them before.

Darina, Slovakia

I just can't get enough of their products. They are the best at what they do!

Peter, Great Britain

The registered social enterprise sewn bag offers various bags and accessories.

We sew laptop bags, tablet cases, gift items, document cases, wallets and various other items according to customer requirements. All products are made from residues from textile production. This material would otherwise be sent to a landfill or incinerator.

As a registered social enterprise, we employ disadvantaged job seekers.