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About sewn bag

About us

The sewn bag company was founded in 2019.

The very idea of sewing bags originated several years before, in a car factory. Seats are fitted to cars and sometimes the entire interior is covered with leather. Such a car looks just amazing.

The amount of offcuts and textile waste that companies produce is also amazing.

Only material that is top of the top quality will get into the car.
Standard quality or damaged material is discarded in a volume of 15 tons from a single company per month

Our values

In the sewn bag, we believe that things can be done differently. We can sew bags in a better, more ecological way. It costs more effort and money, but for us it is a matter of persuasion.

Industry creates a lot of job positions.
However, there is still a certain level of unemployment. People have many different problems that avoid them to get a job.

Some employees need more time only to acquire work habits. In the sewn bag, we believe that everybody has a value.
After finishing work in the sewn bag, they can continue in the standard business.

We believe, that the right values makes sewn bag sustainabile.

bag, purse, handbag, backpack
bag, purse, handbag, backpack
backpack, bag, purse, handbag

Our vision

Our vision is to create an inspiring place to work.

Our bags and products are mainly made from waste, offcuts and recycled textiles.

We also sew from ecological and organic materials.

We have learned ways to make bags in a sustainable way from sustainable materials.

We follow the principles of zero waste in our production.

Thanks to this, we can reduce the incoming waste to 10% of the original volume.

100% of the company’s profits are reinvested in the company to create more job positions.


Every product we produce has an interesting history.

It has already fulfilled its original purpose. The circle has closed.

We upcycle it. We make a new product out of it,with a new purpose and a new future.

Its story will continue.

bag, purse, handbag, handmade
bag, purse, handbag, handmade
bag, purse, handbag, handmade





What our clients say about us

We try to make you happy with us. Every positive review will always please us!

The sewn bags completely exceeded our expectations. Too bad we didn't know them before.

Darina, Slovakia

I just can't get enough of their products. They are the best at what they do!

Peter, Great Britain

The registered social enterprise sewn bag offers various bags and accessories.

We sew laptop bags, tablet cases, gift items, document cases, wallets and various other items according to customer requirements. All products are made from residues from textile production. This material would otherwise be sent to a landfill or incinerator.

As a registered social enterprise, we employ disadvantaged job seekers.

About us