clip, hairclips
clip, hairclips

Hair clip asymetric, 2×9 cm

Assymetric design with metalic rivets.

Dimensions of the leather part 9x2cm.

Light grey color.


50 in stock

We designed collection of hair barrettes especialy for men.

Anyway women like tham too.. Technical and industrial look fit to all kind of suits, sweeters or jeans.

All clips are size 8x1cm. Lather design is 9x2cm and 10x2cm with different kinds of metal ornaments.

Black and grey collors are available.

Leather parts are cut outs from automotive industry. Our goal is to use up waste, not to create it. Therefore little variations in leathers parts are implemented into clips. Completely made by hand, that also support unicate look of each clip.

An excellent alternative to hair bands and great for capturing bangs.