Organizér, taška na hygienické potreby 15x20cm
Organizér, taška na hygienické potreby 15x20cm

Organizer, bag for hygiene needs 15x20cm

Travel organizer for ladies hygienic items

The bag is:




There are several variants of design available.


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Organizer for women’s hygiene needs.

It was designed for MEP Miriam Lexmann, who visited our company in February 2022.

We wanted to give her an exceptional gift that she would use in her work.

Because she often travels, we designed a cosmetic bag and adapted the dimensions to the individual hygiene needs.

In honor of her visit, we named the bag Mirabag.


Cosmetic bag is:





You can choose from several design variants.

It will give you a feeling of safety and security whenever necessary.


When you open the bag, it has two parts.

There are two lockable pockets at the top of the organizer. They have a closure so that the contents do not fall out under any circumstances.

At the bottom are three rows of compartments.

The first, the widest self, is designed for needs that should not be met. There will also be a respirator, a small notebook and the like.

The second layer is divided in half. Hygienic napkins are inserted in the left part – dry and wet wipes in the right.

At the front, the compartments are divided into three parts. The foil with medicines fits comfortably in the middle and there are other smaller ones on the sides for other small things.

In the middle are sewn-in rubber bands that hold a pen, thermometer, or other longer and narrow object. Nothing happens if you don’t use them.

The whole bag is closed with a push button so that its contents do not get out in any way.

This will create a very secure, discreet and feminine package.

The handles are positioned so that they can be used for hanging.

The organizer probably won’t fit in your purse. This is because it is designed for multi-day travel and its place is in handy suitcases.

When the traveler enters the hotel, she is sure to find a hanger in the bathroom, on which the organizer can hang it by the upper handle.

The bag can be both open and closed. As needed.

When traveling by plane or train, very simple handling is used again – when choosing from a suitcase.


The advantage of a travel bag is that you can also use it at home.

You don’t have to pick anything from it when working from home. Just hang it at your home.

From time to time, reduce hygiene needs and the bag will be happier right away.

Another advantage is that they do not have to travel with you at every opportunity.

If you travel at a time when a toothbrush is enough for you, the travel bag for hygiene needs can stay at home.


Of course, you can also meet it with other needs.

Some of our customers use it for medicines, cosmetics, or small items.

If the dimensions allow, you can put anything in there.

Use it at work, at home and on vacation.


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The organizer is an ideal gift for your colleagues, girlfriends, acquaintances and girlfriends.


All women deserve to have an elegant accessory that will hide everything they need.