snack bag, treat bag
snack bag, treat bag
snack bag, treat bag
snack bag, treat bag
snack bag, treat bag

Practical snack bag 12x8x7 cm

A snack bag is made of durable material.

The treat bag is easy to fill and clean. It is easy to insert a hand for treats.

Closing with one magnet.


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The snack bag is made of a durable material used in the automotive industry. Dead stock and cut outs are used on the bag that would otherwise be discarded.

The quilting of the treat bag is adapted to this piece, so some are slightly different. This detail ensured that the bags were unique.

Inside, excess material is used, which would otherwise end up in the landfill as discarded. The fabric had no flaws, they just didn’t need it in production anymore.

After emptying, the lining of the bag can be removed and the crumbs emptied.

The bag is a good size. Your hand will fit in there comfortably. It is not too deep or narrow.

When you use it, it will ensure your free hands and free movement.

There is a magnetic closure on the flap. You can open it with one hand. It will close itself.

The shoulder strap is adjustable. The strap is large enough for you to carry the bag crossbody – all over your body or around your waist like a kidney bag.

You can fold the strap inside the treat bag. There are two loops on the back that you can use on the belt. Thread the belt through the loops of the bag, like through the loops of the trousers.

Universal wearing a treat bag gives you complete freedom of movement.

The neutral look is suitable for both men and women.

You can also use the bag for purposes other than dog treats carier.

The bag is also popular with children, for easy cleaning and smaller size.

By purchasing this bag, you significantly help reduce textile waste and support recycling and upcycling.

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