Shawl, scarf
Shawl, scarf
Tunic, Step of the picture, project

Shawl, scarf 150x20cm

A shawl, scarf as a timeless accessory that will brighten up your outfit and make your day better. It is made of the same fabric as the tunic. Size 150x20cm.


Shawl or scarf  is made of the same material as the tunic Tunika pre originálnu ženu, 0,9x1meter

The scarf and the tunic are the result of the Step off the painting, which we realized with the painter Karin Mikulášová and Ditta Stašová Vlasata.

We printed the “night city” image on organic cotton to create a garment printed on the front and back. And a scarf .

A set of jewelry was created for both of them by jeweler: Ditta Staššová Vlasatá.

Ditta has been making jewelry for many years. You can see her unique works at