Tunic, Step of the picture, project


Step out from the painting

Many women I meet are stuck in the image of how other people see them. We all like to box and limit others. Therefore women hardly use and apply their potential.

It also affects the way a person looks at himself. In fact, everyone is different, but it’s hard not to compare yourself and see yourself as a unique, unique and successful person.

It’s hard to step out of the image of yourself.

The project also wants to bring art closer to everyday life. Many people do not go to galleries, museums or other cultural events for various reasons. This project will bring art to them. The garment, printed with the image of the artist, can be used for casual wear. This allows many more eyes to see it.



She is the author of the painting “Night City”. This work was created two years ago. It is part of a series of paintings about the city. The artist drew primarily from life in Košice, Prague and other places around the world.

You can see more of her work on the website:


Vystúp z obrazu, projekt
Ditta Stash Hairy Ditta has been making jewelry for many years. For this project, she prepared a set of unique sewn jewelry. You can see her unique works on the website http://www.nevesta.sk/ditta-stasova-vlasata-userconfig-7667-3621.aspx
Tunic, Step of the picture, project

tunic - caftan

The picture “Night City” was printed on organic cotton using an ecological method.

We made a universal, capsule garment from it: a tunic or a kaftan.

It has a universal size as well as use for universal occasions.

A woman can complete it with a belt, tuck it behind her waist, or leave it loose. It is really universal.

Tunic, Step of the picture, project
Vystúp z obrazu, projekt
Tunic, Step of the picture, project